RP Crewing Sector
in Distress 2
By Andy Dalisay
Philstar, 23 August 2001

On the contrary, there is no easy mechanism for ship owners to run after errant seafarers. "There is perhaps a need for labor arbiters to be allowed jurisdiction of counterclaims to vindicate the rights of the oppressed
employer" to deter the filing of unmeritorious claims and faster settlement of those that are not.

In many cases too, owners are being faced with costs associated with non-work related illness or illnesses that clearly existed before a seafarer signed on board. In some cases, the seaman would not deliberately disclose their "true history" to the examining physicians.

Though this is understandable since the seaman has a family to support, but not when they should be rewarded in the form of disability payments for doing so. Nicoll says this is a clear and existing threat that is driving ship owners to choose other nationalities for their crew.


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