Group Profile

Concept Behind FMN's Organization

Organized in April 1996, the organization comprises Filipinos involved in the maritime industry and are currently living and working in Japan.

There are about 20,000 Filipinos working as seamen aboard Japanese-owned vessels. FMN provides a network wherein these seafarers can link-up with their landbased counterparts both in Japan and the Philippines. Likewise, through FMN, Filipinos in the different maritime agencies exchange news information and give assistance and support to each other, especially when some particular need arises.

FMN was also organized in order to promote the welfare and upgrade the quality of Filipino seafarers. In particular, three objectives were formulated by the founding individuals:

1. FMN is to assist in the upliftment of the education and training of the Filipino seafarer;

2. FMN is to promote and maintain understanding, goodwill, camaraderie, and harmony among seafarers and other members of the maritime industry;

3. FMN is to assist in ensuring the implementation of welfare programs.